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I find it such an honor when a Bride and Groom invite me into their incredibly special day. You have worked on your love story for a long time now, there has been overwhelming joy, long nights, crazy stories, sadness and all other emotions in between. I do not believe there is a better way to capture that emotion than through a camera. You are starting a new chapter in your story when you say "I do". Lets be honest, in 50 years your grandkids are going to want to live the moment and see the pictures with you as you tell the story of the beginning of the rest of your lives! 

 The best way to do that is with photos, so it will be my absolute pleasure to tell your love story through my camera!


PS... I'll even take photos of the overpriced food that all the guests are going to eat, but I can't take photos of the drive through you go to on your way home. I can show you how to take a sick selfie though so you can document that moment. 




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Having Kevin’s team there
from the beginning really
made me feel that a
moment would not be missed
— Tiffany Repke


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If you want to get to know me you have a few options at the bottom of this page. If your one who would rather grab a coffee and see if we are fit for your day just email me, I would be more then happy to meet with you! If your the visual kind then just hit the gallery button and I promise there won't be a single word on that page!! If you prefer to read FAQ pages and long paragraphs then I have got the page for you!! If you don't know what you are then I suggest you like to read because you are still reading this so either grab coffee with me or go check out FAQ. 



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